A native South African,  Musetta's no stranger to the entertainment world.  She debuted on stage at the age of 4. As the daughter of a ballet teacher her childhood was filled with numerous stage and dance performances, and after school qualified as a ballet teacher herself. She went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Psychology and shorty after landed the plum job of anchor host for an MTV-like television show in South Africa.

Shortly after her arrival to the USA she became part of the very world she used to host, appearing as the 'dream girl' in more than twenty music videos for top recording artists including Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Elton John, and Chris Isaak. But it was her critically acclaimed stage performance in the original South African play Soweto's Burning, that provided her transition to the big screen. 

Since then Musetta has performed in numerous feature films, working alongside screen veterans like Kevin Kline, Kenneth Brannagh, and Will Smith in Wild Wild West , George Clooney and John Turturro in O Brother, Where Art Thou? Jennifer Lopez in The Cell, Tom Berenger in Breaking Point and playing Robert Duvall’s wife in Will Ferrell’s - Kicking & Screaming to name a few.  Additionally she's added a slew of television credits to her arsenal including guest appearances on the hit shows Stargate SG-1Frasier, NCIS and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.  

Musetta's also certified as a Master of Medical Qigong Therapy and Medical Qigong Oncology.  Her passion for meditation and alternative healing blossomed into a qigong practice helping others who suffer from dis-ease ranging from headaches to cancer.   She teaches qigong workshops when time allows and shares videos on her Youtube channel for anyone interested in learning more about qigong.